Tuesday, May 5, 2015


Do you value yourself?  What I mean by that is do you value your time, your knowledge, and your presence?  

Or are you the type of person who gives unceasingly?  Do you share your time and know-how with others without any thought that it is valuable?  Why do so many take that time and wisdom for granted?

Your time has value.  I am not referring to the time spent at work; your employer actually compensates you for that time.  I am speaking to the time spent assisting others, volunteering above and beyond, or time spent caring for others.  Is that time not valuable enough to block off a portion just for yourself?  

What about your knowledge?  Is there a particular area of interest that you are well-informed?  Do you share that freely?  There are thousands who get paid for their knowledge through books, seminars, and other venues.  Have you ever considered that your knowledge is worth getting paid for?  Are you giving it all away for free?

Just a couple of points to ponder on this Tuesday....


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