Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Against the Ban

Anyone who knows me is aware that I lean towards the liberal side.  However, I do stand firm in my belief that the flag currently under attack should not be banned.  Why?  

First, the flag under attack is not the Confederate Flag.  The actual flag of the Confederacy at the end of the war was this:

Third flag of the Confederate States of America

The flag causing all the uproar and the one frequently waved by racists is this battle flag of the North Virginia Army:

Image result for north virginia battle flag

Now we actually have the facts straight.  Funny how those screaming the loudest on both sides of the issue have no idea of the actual facts or history.

Why am I against the ban?  First, there is a huge difference between banning the flag and voluntarily removing it.  The actions taken by vendors in the last week is a voluntary removal.  That action I support wholeheartedly.  

Second, a ban elevates the status of something or someone to martyrdom.  This will result in the opposite effect for those wishing it banned.  It serves as a rallying cry for every bigot, racist, and skinhead.  That is not the desired result of removing a presumed racist symbol.

Third, it is easy to ban something.  But once that door is opened, it then becomes easy to ban something else, and something else, and something else.  That is a door I do not believe should be opened.  Words such as "banned" have incredible power and should be used judiciously.  Opening that door is like using a Ouija board.  A door is opened with no idea of the horrors on the other side.

This is my opinion.  If nothing else, I hope it makes someone stop and think...even for just a second.


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