Thursday, June 18, 2015

No More!

Wow!  Went deep this week, didn't we?  Enough of that!

The best part of always being busy is what I accomplish.  Whether it is assembling furniture, writing, working on crafts...I end every weekend with a sense of accomplishment.  Before I begin the work week on Monday, I have breakfasts and lunches purchased and ready to go; my clothes are set out for the week; and I am ready to face Monday.

Yes, I realize that level of organization may seem a bit OCD to some.  It does, however, make my mornings stress free and allows me to spend my weekday evenings doing my various internet moneymakers.  Yes, I stay organized to make more time to stay busy!  

My son is fond of telling me to let some things go.  I have tried.  What results is my finding another project!  I am sure I will get the hang of it eventually...perhaps when I am in the nursing home!  

Until then, I have a list of projects, a list of places to go, a list of chores to complete.  Yes, I am busy. I am also happy!!


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