Wednesday, June 17, 2015


I spoke a bit yesterday about introspection.  I believe introspection serves an important function.  It is necessary as human beings to look inside and analyze our behavior.  The danger lies in getting stuck in your own head.

I have seen friends that have taken their personal introspection to such a level.  They go deep inside and they do not come back out.  Social activities fall by the wayside, hobbies are abandoned, and exercise is just too much effort.  They become stuck on a loop, replaying scenarios over and over. The past becomes their present, not leaving any room for the joys of today.

I realize I stay busy and do not spend a lot of time in introspection. Part of that is the nature of my ADHD and my need for perpetual motion.  As I said, another part is the fear that, once opened, the floodgates will not close.  I am fortunate, however, with this blog and my opportunity to express my dreams, fears, battles, and accomplishments.  Those are things I no longer have to hold and examine inside.

I am also blessed with how many of you, my dear readers, have shared those same things with me. Knowing we are not alone on our journey makes all of us stronger.

Here is to the introverts, the shy ones, and the busy ones!!


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