Thursday, June 25, 2015

Organized Chaos

I know today is Thursday, but I am going to describe a typical Sunday.  It is a day replete with organized chaos.

My son and I both work 40 plus hours a week.  In addition, he is attending an online class with the famous Stan Lee.  I have my moneymakers I do in addition to my day job.  That leaves weekends as our time for chores.

Saturday is my main day for chores.  Laundry is done for me on Saturday, and my son takes over the machines on Sunday.  On Sunday, I finish up what I could not get to on Saturday.  Saturdays, my son sleeps most of the day as he works nights.  Sunday is his day to do just about everything.  It can make for a chaotic day!

We both try to catch up on our TV watching in rooms right next to each other.  And for some reason, he takes my sitting at the computer to write as a signal to come sit in the same room and have extended conversations!!  The volumes rise on the competing televisions, I beg for quiet so I can write, and he heads to the kitchen to dirty every pan in the house.  Chaos!!

Somehow, we manage to get it all done.  Lunches are made for the week, writing is completed, and my clothes are set out for the week.  Organized chaos it may be, but it works!!


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