Tuesday, June 2, 2015

No Time

Obviously, from the late posting of today's blog, time is another monster I battle!  I swear I always have the best of intentions!!

My son frequently tells me I have too much on my plate.  That may be the main cause behind my inability to manage my time.  In my head, I believe I can handle it all, do it all, and manage it all! Reality, however, is excessively fond of reminding me otherwise!

I have read books on the subject, tried to-do lists, daily organizers, timers...I've tried it all!  Of course, the fact that I also have ADHD does not help the situation.  I keep telling myself that I will conquer this monster one of these days!  But then, I am also 53 years old so the likelihood of that conquest is fading fast.

Time is short.  The main thing I truly need to remember, and focus on, is to actually live my life. Join me!!


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