Tuesday, June 9, 2015

In My Dreams

This past weekend, I was blessed to spend time with a visiting childhood friend and her family.  The visit was nowhere near long enough, and there was so much more to say and do.

In my dreams, I would have a place where I could gather all my friends to stay forever.  The weather would always be perfect, the drinks ever-flowing, and an abundance of things to do and places to see. Alas, such a place exists only in my dreams.

In reality, I make do with infrequent visits, texts, instant messages, phone calls, and social media.  I give thanks for the technology that allows for such frequent contact.  It definitely beats snail mail! Not to mention the fact that, unlike my childhood, long distance calls are no longer charged by the minute necessitating quick and unsatisfying phone calls.

I already miss her.  In my dreams, the visit would have lasted weeks, not days.  The reality is jobs, budgets, and responsibilities.  Perhaps when I hit the lottery....


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