Monday, March 26, 2012

Guest Post: Road Rage

This is a guest post written by a friend.  I am honored to provide a forum for her story.  Jerri

Have you ever had road rage or been on the other end of someone else's road rage? Scary, isn't it?  Here is the story of my sister's experience with a road rager.

On a Tuesday afternoon, my sister was on her way home from work. Her morning and afternoon drives are on one of the busiest and dangerous interstate roads in our area. On this day, she came upon a driver in the fast lane that was driving way below the posted speed limit of 70 mph. She passes him from the right lane and goes on her way.

This must have set something off in this older gentleman as he sped up to get right up behind her. My sister tried driving faster and switching lanes, appropriately, to get away from him but he only shadowed her every move. After awhile she'd had enough and decided to move over to the right lane, slow down and let him pass. As she did this he, once again, moved behind her but didn't realize she was slowing down. Instead of slowing down he whipped back over to the fast lane and then rammed into her car. 

She was driven off the road, up an embankment and finally stopped when her vehicle crashed into the wedge between the overpass bridge and embankment. Miraculously, she wasn't killed or severly injured and was able to crawl out via the passenger door. Everyone that stopped was surprised at this as she walked around, apparently, without injuries. There were witnesses from both sides of the interstate, which had come to a full stop. Of course, there were rubber-neckers stopping to take pictures but once you've seen the picture you will understand why. The most unusual thing about this is that the driver actually stopped; of course, he kept saying he wasn't at fault. He was cited for ramming her car and for running her off the road. 

My sister was very lucky as she had walked away with some bruises, stiff muscles and a seatbelt rash that looks like someone had tried to strangle her. We are very lucky to have her with us today.


To end my story, please think twice before you allow yourself to be a road rager. It may save the other drivers and your lives.

Peace and love,

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