Tuesday, March 27, 2012

What Kids Remember

Last night my youngest son popped up a chat box on Facebook.  He was trying to talk me into giving him my Wii.  That didn't work but in the course of the conversation he shared a memory with me.

What does my son remember?  That I beat Tetris on the original Nintendo.  That seems to be my claim to fame.  He couldn't have been more than six when it happened but this memory is still vivid to him almost twenty years later.

I was a single parent for the majority of his childhood.  I'm grateful that this is what he remembers instead of some of the rough times we went through.  It seems insignificant but it is obviously important to him.  As parents, we often worry what events will stay with our children as they grow.  And as parents, we are amazed sometimes at what our children think is an important time or event.

So to the parents who still have chicks in their nest...relax!!  Your children love you and that will always and forever color their memories.

Jerri...The Tetris Queen

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