Monday, March 5, 2012

The Power of Mom

My youngest son popped up a chat box on Facebook this morning.  Even though he lives 9 hours away, he needed his mom.  He has a wedding to attend this weekend and needed some help.

First, it was the haircut.  He asked me to find a picture of a style I liked and post it for him.  Ok, done.

Then, it was the pants.  He said his 34x34 dress slacks were too short and what size should he get next.  I suggested 34x36...he is 6'4"!!

Colors...does this go with that?  Yes, does.

Last but not least...neck size.  Now remember, he is 9 hours away!  And he wants to know what size shirt to buy.  Have you ever tried to estimate the size of a man's neck from that distance?  I gave it my best shot based on the last shirt I bought him...I can only hope it was right!

It just goes to show...the power of Mom does not acknowledge distance.  And that regardless of that distance or the age of the child...sometimes they still need their mom.



  1. I would have told him to go to the store and try on clothes till one fitted.



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