Friday, March 23, 2012

Weekend Assignment

This weekend, I have an assignment for my favorite women.!!  There are a few things I want you to do this weekend.  It may be a tough assignment, but I know you're up to the task!

1.  Take an hour each on Saturday and Sunday to read a book.  I'm not talking something you need to read for work or school.  I mean a book you read just for fun.  Grab a mug of your favorite tea, your favorite blanket, and snuggle in for a well-deserved escape.

2.  Eat chocolate.  Because this is a direct order, the calories won't count.  Savor the taste.

3.  Take a long, hot bubble bath.  Make it a shower if you prefer.  But for once, don't worry about using up all the hot water or taking too long in the bathroom.  It's your time...everybody else can just deal.

4.  Eat dinner on the good china.  Why not?  There's no law that says it can only be used on holidays.  Better yet?  Order takeout and use the good china.  You deserve the time off from cooking!

5.  Sleep in.  There is nothing that cannot wait an extra hour.  Trust me, everything will still be there when you get up.

Enjoy your weekend!



  1. jerri,
    faboulous ideas--heed your own advice!

  2. Sounds lovely but all in the house have strep throat but me. Maybe a raincheck.



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