Wednesday, March 21, 2012

A Tiny Rant

Let's talk for a moment about social media.  Not the social media we use for friends and family, but the social media used by companies to interact with fans and customers.

On this blog, I write in the same conversational syntax and tone that I use when I speak to you in person.  Do I make grammatical and spelling errors?  I sure do...usually when my brain outraces my fingers.  My blog, however, does not represent a corporation and it's products.

My rant?  When I see spelling errors on posts by social media managers for large corporations.  You're a social media manager.  Your job consists of posting on Facebook, Pinterest, or Twitter to engage fans and customers with your brand.  What does it say about your company's products and their quality if even the simplest words are misspelled on their pages?  We're not talking huge words here, we're talking about every day, common use words that I see misspelled on a daily basis.

You are a social media manager.  Learn how to spell.  Learn how to proofread before you hit enter.  The last thing you want your post to say is "My company is staffed by idiots".  If you make a quality product, let that be reflected in each and every post.

And those are my random thoughts this morning...

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