Monday, March 12, 2012

A Milestone

Post 300.  Wow!!  I cannot believe this is my 300th post on Jerri's Empty Nest.  It's been quite a ride!

My posts have ranged from personal heartache, pride in my children, recipes, frugal tips, politics, product reviews, book name it, I've probably written about it!  But that is what life is in my empty nest...a little bit of everything.

I've written posts that have touched people's hearts and made them cry.  (Not intentionally!)  I've written posts where I've opened my heart and let my tears flow.  The knowledge that I could touch someone with my words is an indescribable honor and privilege.

I've written posts that have made people angry.  That's ok with me.  That means my words made them think.  I've written posts that people have sworn were all about them and were offended.  For the record...they weren't.  But that taught me that you can't control what people do with your words once they're out there.  That I am not responsible for whatever spin or agenda they use them for.  When it gets to that point, it no longer has anything to do with either myself or my words.  And that's ok with me too.

I've written posts with recipes that people have made and shared with others.  There's a lot of joy knowing something from my kitchen is being enjoyed by people in other states that I've never met but touched through my food.

I've written posts about my kids.  Sometimes I've embarrassed them, sometimes I've touched them.  I'm the Mom...I'm allowed.  For even when your nest has emptied, you are still and always will be their mommy.  And they did have warning that they were fair game!

I've written numerous posts with frugal tips and where to find free books, concerts, etc.  I've received thank you's for the tips and for sharing my knowledge.  It is and will continue to be my pleasure to do so.

I've also written posts when I've been having a rough day or haven't felt the best about myself.  Readers I've never met in person have responded with words of encouragement and friends have given me a kick in the ass when needed.  I love and appreciate both!!

I haven't gotten rich off this blog and I probably never will.  I would like to make a little extra income, I'll be honest.  But I've learned that the effect of my words and the feedback of readers is so incredibly valuable.  I am a lucky woman.  

I thank each and every one of you for this amazing adventure and taking this ride with me.  You are the reason I get up every morning and head for my keyboard.  Hang on...there's so much more to come!!


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