Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Back to Basics

Part of my simplification process has been placing more focus on things I enjoy.  My writing, reading, and love of crafts have all moved up my list of priorities.

Looking at that list, it seems that those activities are all solitary endeavors.  My reading, however, includes a book club.  My craft projects are frequently made for friends, including the very one I am working on right now.  My writing, especially as it concerns this blog, has me interacting with readers both here and on the Facebook fan page.

Those same activities, while they can be social, also allow me to have times of peace and solitude which my soul requires.  All of them can and are solitary acts when I need them to be such.  Being alone is not a bad thing.  Too many of us fill that time with meaningless activities, and people who bring no real joy.  Part of the simplification process is also learning to be at peace and to be still.

Whether in solitude or sharing your passion, do so with joy in your heart.


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