Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Taking Time

Yesterday, we discussed removing the toxic and hate-filled people from your life.  Today, I wish to talk a bit about taking time to heal.

Having to let go of a friendship, even one that was not true, hurts.  It causes you to doubt your judgment.  You wonder if you are such a bad judge of character or whether you let your heart lead you where you should not go.

It takes time to heal from the loss.  Not only the loss, it also takes time to heal the damage done to your own self-confidence.  Regaining that confidence and your sense of balance will take time and work.  It will take self-examination and acknowledgement of your own part in the situation.  Were you too trusting?  Did you invite such treatment by accepting it once too often?  Frequently, if you accept the behavior once, people take that as tacit approval of your acquiescence to be treated in that manner.  It is up to you to use this healing time to set your boundaries.

Taking the time to heal, to remove the toxic from your life, and setting boundaries does not mean you have become cold and harsh.  It means that you value yourself and refuse to accept being treated as less.  I believe you are precious...make sure you believe it also.


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