Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Emotional Attachments

The most difficult challenge I face in simplifying my life is those items which hold emotional attachments.  And I'm talking a large amount of items!

For example, my wedding dress.  I obviously will never wear it again.  It is a designer sample so I could make a pretty penny reselling it.  Actually, a few months ago, I actually planned on selling the gown.  It has been cleaned and archived and is in perfect condition.  Then in October, my ex-husband passed away.  Emotionally, that immediately froze me in that process.  

In addition, after his passing, I learned he had kept multiple items from our marriage that I knew nothing about.  He had kept multiple pictures of the two of us, anniversary gifts, and even Valentine's cards.  All of these items now reside with me.  While we were divorced, I was his only wife.  He never remarried or even lived with anyone.  Emotionally, I am now in a no-mans land between divorcee and widowhood.  

I am frozen in the simplification process when it comes to any items from my marriage and wedding. I cannot make rational decisions at this time about how to handle these items.  I believe that ability will come with time but, for now, that time is not now.

Do you have emotional items that you keep solely because of the attachment?  Have you been able to let those items go?  If so, share your journey.


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