Thursday, January 21, 2016

The Thursday 10

This week's Thursday Ten does not have a picture to go with it as it is an ongoing process.

I now have a trashbag sitting in the corner of my kitchen designated for Goodwill.  As I simplify an area, whether as big as a room or as small as a single shelf, items which are leaving the house immediately go into the Goodwill bag.  

As soon as the bag is full, it IMMEDIATELY leaves the house.  While it may not make it to Goodwill until the weekend, the bag stays in the car.  That makes it easier to avoid second thoughts, regrets, and re-examination of items that truly need to go.

For me, the kitchen is the most convenient location.  You may choose the laundry room or even a bedroom.  Find the location for your bag.  Use it as you go through your house.  Remember, this process is a series of steps.  You don't have to load up a truck full of stuff.  One kitchen trash bag at a time will still get the job done.

Why do I donate?  I donate because I believe in helping others.  If these items can be sold in a Goodwill store, that money is used to help others.  That is enough for me.


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