Monday, January 11, 2016

Why Simplify?

The reasons to simplify are as diverse and unique as each individual.  For myself, personally, the desire to simplify arises out of a need to feed my soul

I was in bed ill last week.  While I was stuck there for four days, I managed to read six books.  To have that time to read, even though sick, was a luxury and a pleasure.  A goal of simplifying is to make time to read.

I also enjoy beading, jewelry making, needlepoint, etc., etc., etc.  These are all activities that require time set aside for that particular purpose.  By simplifying my life, I free up that time.  It also helps me reduce the physical number of things that I have to take care of and maintain.  This frees up even more time.

As I age, I find that experiences are incredibly more valuable than things.  Time spent with friends and family, doing activities I love, and minimizing the chore list are my priorities in this process. Join me!!


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