Wednesday, January 6, 2016


Let's resolve right now to get rid of "Should" this year.  For good, forever, never to be said again.

So often, "should" rules our lives.  We should go to that event.  We should do this or that.  We should, we should, we should.

Other than those things that would be illegal or immoral if we did not do them, "should" needs to go. The truth is that most "shoulds" are nothing but expectations we impose on ourselves or those promoted by society...usually to sell a product.  

We should be a size 1.  No...we shouldn't.  Healthy and happy, yes.

We should be able to drive a new car.  No...we shouldn't.  Driving a car that fits in our budget, yes.

We should keep our homes "company-ready" at all times.  No...we shouldn't.  A home that is welcoming and comfortable, yes.

We should be in a relationship.  No...we shouldn't.  If in a healthy relationship, then yes.  If the relationship is abusive, then no.

Those are just a few examples of the "shoulds" that either society or ourselves impose.  This is your life, your year.  You, and you alone, decide what needs to be in your life, your priorities, and the things that bring joy to your soul.


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