Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Simply Nesting

Since starting my simplification change, I have noticed a change in my mindset when it comes to my plans and the purchases I make.

Rather than buying those fabulous boots (trust me...they were fabulous!), my purchases have taken the direction of creating a perfect nest for myself.  I passed on the boots and bought blackout drapes for my bedroom that match my comforter.  Not a large purchase, or even a costly one, but one that makes my bedroom feel warm and cozy.  

Next up?  I am working on the plans for a rag rug to warm the floors.  I just cannot decide whether I want to make it braided or shag!  Yes...notice I did say make it.  Working with my hands and creating something is one of the ways I feed my of the goals of this plan!

How do you nest?  What activities make you feel cozy?  Something to think about!


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