Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Dear Mother Nature

I live in Austin, Texas.  As far as weather disasters go...it's not a bad place to live.  We get the occasional flash flood, rare tornado, and once in a great while a hurricane actually makes it this far.  But this year, we are in the most extreme drought in over 100 years.  My yard has cavernous cracks in it.  And we are still so much more fortunate than the rest of the country.

The South has had tornadoes, floods, and one line of storms after the other.  The Midwest is being devastated by the same.  Hawaii has had eruptions, earthquakes, tsunamis, etc..  It is as if the earth itself is revolting against us.

So, Mother Nature, a prayer for some relief.  We realize we've screwed up a lot of things on our planet but there are people hurting and dying all over our country.  We promise to do better but can you ease up a bit??

And those are my random thoughts this morning...

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