Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Winning on Facebook, Part One

The very first step to winning on Facebook is to follow your favorites.  Which favorites?

1.  Your favorite food brands.  Brands such as Ore-Ida, Uncle Ben's and Coffeemate frequently give away full size products.  And who couldn't use free food at the grocery store?

2.  Your favorite alcohol.  Ok...so they won't actually give you beer or vodka...but they do give away t-shirts and other promotional items!

3.  Your favorite stores.  Here you'll find giveaways for everything from free appliances at Sears to fan only shopping discounts.

4.  Your favorite authors.  They often do giveaways of signed editions, free sneak peeks, and swag from the more popular series.

5.  Your favorite household brands.  Swiffer, Proctor & Gamble, Tide, Downy etc. give away not only free full size products, but frequently coupons and samples.

6.  Your favorite designers.  Want to score a free purse, perfume, etc?  Follow them on Facebook and you have a chance!

7.  Your favorite beauty products.  Full size products aren't given as often as some others but they do happen!

8.  Your favorite movie companies.  They give out free DVD's, free swag from movies, and free movie tickets.

9.  Your favorite local venues.  Score tickets to local events...can't be beat!

10.  Your friends' favorites.  If you have a friend who also enters sweepstakes...keep an eye on what pages she/he are liking.  Jump to that page and check out why!  They may have found a giveaway or sweepstake you haven't heard about!

One last note...don't discount the sample size giveaways!  Samples are the perfect size to throw in your bag for a weekend getaway and don't take up near the space of full size!!

Good Luck!!!

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