Monday, May 9, 2011

Winning: The Basics

There are some basic rules to winning contests and sweepstakes.  Not a long list but necessary.

1.  Follow ALL the rules exactly!  Even one misstep can get you disqualified.

2.  Always be polite!  Say thank you when you win, congratulate the winners if you don't!

3.  Be grateful!  Bloggers in particular earn their living off views of their blog and reviewing the products they're giving away.  If winning or requesting a sample from a company...remember, they don't have to give you free stuff!!  Be glad that you have the opportunity!

4.  This one is optional but depending on how many sweeps you enter, you may wish to set up a junk email account.  This will give you somewhere to direct sweeps related emails to that won't interfere with your regular email.

5.  Share!!  Many of the sweepstakes on Facebook, Twitter, etc. give you the opportunity to invite your friends to enter.  And when you win, share the prize if you can.  Spreading the wealth makes the experience that much better!

In future posts, I'll be breaking down some of the different locations for sweeps.  Stay tuned!!

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