Friday, May 6, 2011

A Request for Prayers

Thirty years ago, Patti and I were stationed together on the island of Crete and have been friends ever since.  Today, Patti is packing for the Marines to fly her to Hawaii to be at her son's bedside.  Danny was medevac'd from Okinawa to Hawaii yesterday.  He is suffering from aplastic anemia and is considered acute enough that the Marine Corp is flying his wife from Japan and his mother from Florida to be at his bedside.  Danny is a proud Marine serving his country and the brand new father of a five week old daughter.

So I'm asking, no..begging, for prayers.  For Patti and Sayuri to have strength and safe travel.  For Danny...for his health, for a match to be found on the bone marrow registry, and for his life to see his daughter grow.

To my fans and followers...please re-post and forward.  To my fellow bloggers and bloggesses on BlogHer and BlogFrog, please, please ask your followers to join us in prayer.

I will post updates as I have them.  Thank you, everyone, for your prayers.

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