Thursday, May 26, 2011

Winning on Facebook, Part Three

The third and final installment of winning on Facebook!!

The last way I have of winning on Facebook involves some searching and some luck!

First, do a search on Facebook for some of the following words:  Thrifty, Frugal, Freebies.

This will bring up pages, usually of bloggers, who track sweeps, freebies, and samples.  They track these as part of their blog...which is their business.  They are my best source for a heads up on the latest sweeps out there.  Also, if a particular brand is doing a giveaway...they post as soon as it goes active.  This will help you catch it in time in addition to following that particular brand!!

And just a quick reminder...always be polite and grateful!!!  These sites put a huge amount of work in to this and your feedback is appreciated!!!

Good Luck!!!

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