Tuesday, June 28, 2011

How It Works

I've had some questions from friends on how exactly my blog works, and how I earn money from it.  So here goes a brief explanation on how it works.

How I make money:

I make money off my blog from the ads you see.  Whenever you click on an ad, whether Google or Amazon...I make a few cents per click.  The more clicks, the more money I make.  Please understand...you are under no obligation to purchase anything!!


See the buttons under this post?  These buttons enable you to share a post you like via email, Google, Twitter, and Facebook.  The more posts that are shared, the more people get to know my blog.  And see that little button that says "+1"?  If you click that button, it moves that post further up in the ranking on Google Search.  Again, the more people that can find that post...the more that find my blog!


There is also a Facebook fan page for my blog.  You can find it here:



On the right hand side of the blog, you'll find the follow button.  This is how advertisers and companies determine the impact of my blog.  The more followers, the more ads.  The more ads, the more money I can possibly make.  Also, with more followers, the more products I can receive to review.  With more products to review, that opens the door to giveaways for my followers.  The more my followers share my blog and attract new followers, the more opportunities.  Sensing a pattern here?

So pretty much it all comes down to my followers.  I post content that I hope you will enjoy, that will make you think, will help you, and will touch you.  If a post does any of these things, please comment and let me know.  I value and appreciate each and every one of you!!!


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