Friday, June 17, 2011

Ice, Ice, Please!!!

You know it's a bad hot flash when:

1.  You wake up in a waterbed...and you don't own one.

2.  It's 102 degrees outside...and that feels cooler than inside your own skin.

3.  Your husband who is part polar bear complains the AC is too cold.

4.  You think you're running a fever...and you know there's no point in finding the thermometer.

5.  You stick your head in the freezer to cool off...and you defrost the whole darn thing.

6.  The hottest meal you can imagine eating is ice cream.

7.  At the age when you should be covering can't get your clothes off fast enough.

8.  When you're panting more than your dog...and you haven't even gotten off the couch.

9.  Nudity becomes a matter of sanity...not fun.

10. You actually don't mind that the rest of the family has used up all the hot water.

Now where is my frozen margarita???

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