Monday, June 27, 2011

Where's My Tool Belt?

Last week, the fridge side of my side by side refrigerator stopped cooling.  My hubby spent a couple of days unplugging and plugging it in to reset the thermostat.  Finally, faced with the possibility of having to spend over a thousand dollars to replace it...I took action.

First, I found the model number.  Then I went online and found the owner's manual for the fridge.  Printing out the troubleshooting pages, I did everything it said to do.  No result.  Hubby still unplugging.  Crap!!

So my fingers returned to the search for a solution.  After more hunting on the internet, I found an appliance repair forum where this exact problem had been asked about back in 2007.  There was a detailed fix posted by an appliance repair tech on how to resolve the issue.

Following his instructions, I defrosted the defrost heater coils.  Who even knew what those were??  And within an hour, my fridge was purring away and keeping everything cold!!!  And it is still going strong!!

Now Hubby admitted he was impressed that I fixed the fridge.  Out Loud.  Of course, he's also said if anyone else ever brings it up...he'll deny he ever said it.  But I figure that an hour of research on the internet saved us over a grand by having to replace the fridge!

Bring on the next repair!!!


  1. Way to go! I use the online forums all the time to repair things, including our vehicles. You would be amazed at the amount of money that can be saved doing it yourself.

  2. Not to mention the bragging rights for besting the hubby on this one!!



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