Thursday, June 2, 2011

The Season of our Discontent apologies to Mr. Shakespeare for the paraphrasing!

I've noticed a trend in a number of people in my age range.  It's a tendency to point out the negative, the scary, the worst news possible.  Whether it is incessant political postings (all negative), or just a general discontent with the world in seems people feel the need to share these feelings with the world.

Why?  I understand you may not personally be happy.  Ok...I get it.  But why would you want to spread it?  Is that really what you want to put out into the universe?  I, for one, do not want my tombstone to say "She spread unhappiness wherever she went".  I know it sounds Pollyanna-ish...but I don't want people to think I'm constantly miserable!

Is it a result of an empty nest?  Do people have more time on their hands, so they spend hours online looking at news stories?  If there not a single positive thing out there on any of the news sites?  I realize there are a lot of terrible, horrible events happening in the world.  But my point is...everyone realizes it.  We all have access to the daily news in one format or another.  But it is a choice how we view it...and how or if we choose to disseminate it.

And let's face it...sometimes daily life can be a drag.  Granted, not everyone's life is a candy-coated paradise, mine included.  I choose, however, not to drag anyone else into my bad day.  It's mine, I'll deal with it, and if all else fails...I'll fake it until I feel better!  Now let me make this clear...I'm all for venting when necessary.  But venting is a personal, one on one event that does not include spreading your complaints as far and wide as possible through posts, tweets, etc.  Trust me on that one...I'm a world class venter!!

TIME IS SHORT!!  None of us are getting younger and as an empty-nester, I want to enjoy this second half of my life.  Wanna join me?

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