Thursday, June 23, 2011

What Sucks About Blogging

I enjoy my blog.  I enjoy sharing lessons I've learned and tips I utilize.  I enjoy sharing book reviews and recipes.  That being said, there is a side to blogging that absolutely sucks!!  I'm talking about the self-promotion required when you have a blog.

For most beginner bloggers like myself, blogging income comes from the ads on the blog.  When a follower clicks on one of the ads, the blogger earns a few cents per click.  To earn those cents, you have to attract followers.  To attract followers, you have to promote your blog, i.e. yourself.  And that's where my problem begins.

Ask me about my friends and family.  I will rave on about how talented, wonderful, loving, and incredible they are.  Ask me about me and listen to the crickets.  It's not something I have ever felt comfortable doing, even in a job interview.  And promoting your blog is like a continuous, never-ending interview!!

So this is my personal attain the confidence to promote myself and therefore, my blog.  The empty nest phase may be an unusual time in life to gain this confidence but who knows?  Maybe this old dog can learn some new tricks.

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