Thursday, August 27, 2015

30-day Blogging Challenge -- Day 3

Day 3:  What are your top five pet peeves?

Buckle up!  Here we go!!

5.  People going below the speed limit and refusing to move out of the fast lane.  This can get me wound up faster than anything!!!  Living on the Gulf Coast, dealing with tourists is a daily adventure and most forget that people actually live here, have places to go, and things to do!

4.  Leaving the seat up or failing to replace the toilet paper.  This one pretty much speaks for itself!

3.  People who treat those in the service industry as somehow being "beneath" them.  In this country, most of us are one paycheck away from having that job.  These are hard-working people who deserve respect for doing a hard job for little pay.

2.  People who use religion as their basis (read:  excuse) to spread hate.  There is no excuse.  Period.

1.  Treating my time as less important than yours, as inconsequential, or as an item not worthy of your respect.  Want the fastest way to burn a bridge with me?  This is it.  I work three jobs.  When I make an appointment, no matter how trivial, I have that day scheduled to the minute.  When it comes to my time?  I don't play.

There you have top five pet peeves.  What are some of yours?


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