Monday, August 10, 2015

Shades of Gray

Not that shades of gray!!  Okay, now that your mind is back in reality and out of the bedroom, what I mean is the shades of gray in life.

Rarely is anything pure black and white.  I have noticed that the tendency to view the world in such stark contrast is truly the purview of the young.  As we age, we realize that nothing is that easy.

We can all agree that crime is bad.  Recent events, however, have shown that not all the good guys wear white hats, and all suspects are not necessarily wearing a black one.  And there you have your gray situation.

We learn, as we stride, stumble, and fall through our years that those shades of gray are everywhere and in everything.  It is then, more than any other time, when our senses of empathy and compassion are of utmost importance.  Only with said empathy, can we appreciate all aspects of a situation and endeavor to appreciate all sides of any given situation.

For my young is not black or white.  While each new crisis may seem to toll the bells of impending doom; if you stop, breathe, and take a step back, you will begin to notice not only the shades of gray, but how those shades of gray give glimpses of the light on the other side.  

Take it from someone who has learned the hard way...


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