Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Limiting Toxicity

I've written before about removing toxic people from your life.  Whether it is someone who revels in misery, or only contacts you to share their own latest, greatest drama, such people have the capability to suck the joy right out of a day.

Too often, I have allowed such people to remain in my life due to a sense of obligation, or guilt, or responsibility.  As part of my new plan to set limits and boundaries, one of the things I truly need to do is take a serious look at the people I allow into my life.  Whether people with whom I have actual face-to-face contact or those I only see on social media, some of them will have to go.  

Just typing that, I already feel a sense of guilt, dread even.  While I realize that these people bring nothing but stress to my life, I am still afraid to hurt someone's feelings.  The truly sad part of that is that those emotions are strictly one-sided.  Such narcissists will simply move on to the next victim willing to listen to their tale of woe.

It is time for me to man (woman) up.  Like ripping off a bandage, faster is less painful and less protracted.  Here I go!


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