Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Do Your Research

Yesterday, I spoke about the shades of gray we experience in life.  That leads into today's post in vague, Jerri sort of way.

Election season has sprung.  Never mind that the actual election is over a year away, the candidates and pundits have revved their engines and it is full speed ahead!

Ahhh, the sound of rhetoric on every newscast.  What an absolutely annoying and frustrating way to spend a year!  Each candidate will try to convince you that every word which they utter is the absolute truth and that each situation they address is black and white.

But we know better.  Nothing is black and white.  Do your research.  Do not accept that 30 second black and white soundbite as truth.  While a candidate may not intentionally lie (no comment), each has a tendency to exaggerate statements and situations to convince you that they are the only one who is right, who can fix it, or who is our last hope.  Again, nothing is black and white.  

Do your research.  Read multiple sites, not just those of a particular party or a specific political leaning.  Do your research.  Find the shades of gray the politicians do not mention.  Ask yourself why those facts or shades are hidden.

Do your research.  We will all be better for it.


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