Wednesday, August 12, 2015

A Hint of Sunshine

Sometimes the shades of gray in life seem to overflow and color our entire world.  Living in a region where fog is common, particularly during the winter months, I am well aware of how oppressive the gray can become.

At times, the gray covers us like a comfy blanket.  And that is perfectly fine.  There are times in life when we need to slow down, rest, and be comforted.

Other times, the gray is an oppressive mantle seemingly holding us in place.  Frequently, these are the times when we either are not strong enough to push through to the sunshine.  However, the sunshine is there...just on the other side of the gray.

However many sides there are to a story or a situation, it is perfectly acceptable to remove yourself from the gray.  Taking a step back and slowing down may enable us to see that hint of sunshine, to get the rest we need, or seek out the comfort we desire.  If the gray has become overwhelming, stepping out allows us to gather the strength to push through it.

Whether black, white, or gray, the sun always come out again.  Have faith in that.


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