Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Limits for Others

Another aspect of limits and boundaries is setting them for other people.  It is not always enough to set them for yourself.  Limits also need to be set on what behavior you will and will not accept from others.

Recently, by trying to be "nice," I allowed a situation to develop that resulted in a significant cost of time.  Although I work full-time outside the home, I also have a couple of part-time jobs (in addition to this blog) that I work from home.  That means that the loss of time I experienced directly translated into a loss of money.

Why did I allow that to happen?  Like I mentioned, trying to be nice and again, fear of hurting someone's feelings.  That fear actually cost me in dollars and cents.  It also delivered a healthy dose of feeling stupid.  

Women of my generation were raised to be caregivers, to not make a fuss, and to be nice.  At some point, we have to take back our power.  Set firm boundaries for others.  Do not allow anyone to steal your precious time.


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