Friday, August 21, 2015


During last week's grocery run, I tried a new app called "ibotta."  ibotta earns you rebates at the stores where you shop on items you buy every week.

When I first used the app, I found it a bit cumbersome to learn to navigate.  However, once I was in it a few minutes, it got a great deal easier.

You find items you are planning to shop for.  The next step is to unlock the rebate for that product. Some of the rebates are for name brand items while other rebates are general ones such as eggs, milk, and bread.

As you unlock the rebates, ibotta adds them to your shopping list.  This is handy as I tend to forget what I am at the store for to begin with!  Purchase your groceries and head home!

Once home, you will need to open each rebate on the app.  You will then scan the barcode on the item.  After scanning your items, you will also need to scan the QR code on your receipt.  I had a lot of difficulty getting the QR code to scan but ibotta offers the option of photographing your receipt instead.

With a $103 Walmart shopping trip, I received $4.50 in rebates from ibotta.  Not one to miss a chance to save, I also scanned my receipt into Walmart's Saving Catcher and received an additional $1.83.

Could I have saved more?  Definitely.  I did not take the time to write out a list, use coupons, or do any price comparisons between stores in my area.  Still, $6.33 is not bad savings!  

To save even more at the grocery store, join me on ibotta!!


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