Friday, August 14, 2015


This past week, I was asked how I afforded the items I bought off of Amazon.  If you look at the top of the blog, you will see a tab called "Moneymakers."  Everything I purchase off Amazon is bought with the gift cards I earn using these sites.  Depending on how busy I am at any particular time, I can average between $40-$200 per month.  It is not a fortune by any means, but it allows me to purchase Christmas gifts, prepare my home for hurricane season, and take care of such staples as new underwear!

Now, how to keep track of what you want/need on Amazon.  Amazon has a fabulous feature called the Amazon wish list.  Add the items you want or need to the list and you have a handy virtual shopping list.  In addition, your friends and family can access your list via the email you used to create it and they will have a list of your wants and needs for special occasions,birthdays, and Christmas.  As they view your wishlist, they can purchase those items directly from the list.

I hope that fully answered those questions.  If you have questions about how the moneymakers work, or how to create a wishlist, please ask away!


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