Friday, August 28, 2015

30-day Blogging Challenge -- Day 4

Day 4:  Discuss your views on religion.

Oh, boy.  Let's start with some background.  I was raised Lutheran and attended a Lutheran grade school all the way from kindergarten through the 8th grade.  That included all the after-school activities, choir, etc., etc., etc.

About age 17, I decided I had enough church to last me a lifetime.  I stopped attending on a regular basis.  I returned as an adult, but quickly left again.  Why?  I realized that those who so loudly proclaim their Christianity are often the same who treat people like sh.t once they leave church property.  It seems that they believe it is alright to mistreat people Monday through Saturday as long as they show up on Sunday and ask forgiveness.

As I have aged, I have found my spirit drawn more and more to Wicca and other such nature based religions.  Their basic tenets of kindness, gentleness, tolerance, and respect speak to my spirit much more than the hatred, bigotry, and intolerance that have become the loudest voices of the Christian church in the United States.

And there you have my views on religion.  Please share yours!


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