Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Stop and Play

I received a reminder from my dogs on Sunday morning that I needed.  As I sat at my desk working, my son's dog was racing around the house, pouncing at my dog, and just generally causing a ruckus. I enjoyed watching them play.

Eventually, my Emma tired and went to her bed.  She is quite a bit older than Sam and his rambunctious play wears her out rapidly.  But for those few minutes, I saw the puppy in her again.

It reminded me that no matter our age, we still have a few minutes of play left in us.  Too often, we let life, bills, work, and drama get in the way of playing.

Head to the park or beach today.  Stop at Walmart on the way, grab a frisbee, and play!  If you end up sitting with your back against a tree after fifteen minutes, that's okay.  You will be outside, and you got your heart rate up for a few minutes.  Don't forget that play is necessary, if not more so than work.


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